Welcome to SparkPoint at CCSF!

We welcome you to our basic needs center, SparkPoint at CCSF.  We are here to support students by bridging the gap they experience when they attempt to connect to the numerous campus resources and services. We intend to help improve access and navigation to student essential resources available to foster students' academic success and economic prosperity at 澳门六合彩官网.  Our center strives to provide equitable, trauma-informed, student-centered support, inclusive of our needs-based, equity populations, credit and non-credit students as well as our college community.  We are here for you.  We care! 

What is SparkPoint?
SparkPoint centers work with families to meet basic needs, increase income, build credit, increase savings, and reduce debt. Financial coaches work one-on-one with clients to recognize behavioral outcomes, set goals, brainstorm strategies, and set realistic action plans. They value strengths, build motivation, and provide monitoring and accountability. SparkPoint serves any low-income family seeking to improve their financial situation.
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