Help Pay for College with a CCSF Scholarship

ϲʹ offers a variety of scholarships to help you pay for the costs of attending college.  Scholarships are awarded to students based on various special qualifications, such as academic achievement, artistic abilities, demonstrated leadership, and athletic talents, or to students who are in particular fields of study, who are from a particular heritage, who are members of underrepresented groups, or who demonstrate a financial need.

Scholarships are provided to ϲʹ students by the generosity of foundations, corporations, and individual donors.

News and Announcements

  • OSHER Scholarship _ Spring 2024 TBA
  • The Follett Bookstore Book Voucher _ Spring 2024 TBA


RaiseMe-Earn transfer micro-scholarships starting today!

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On , you can connect directly with four-year colleges while enrolled in community college to see what academic achievements will help you stay on track to complete your associate's degree and efficiently and successfully transfer to complete your bachelor’s degree.

As you progress through community college coursework, you receive incremental “micro-scholarships” from colleges for those achievements, which you log in a free online portfolio. The micro-scholarship dollars translate into merit-based financial aid awarded directly to you by an institution once you apply and are accepted.

RaiseMe is free to community college students! Get started today at .